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Like most stations, this one just kinda 'grew'. And like most, it's running out of room . Since I've been getting back into contesting, the layout isn't too convenient, either.  So one of the 'current' projects, is to find a way to reconfigure it to fit. I keep coming up with ideas, and every time I think I've got it figured out, something tells me 'that's not going to work' and I start over. I'll figure out something, sooner or later.

Any way, this is how it started - Sept 2000 (Click on thumbs for larger Pix)

b4b4_shack1.jpg (29590 bytes)  b4b4_shack2.jpg (37241 bytes)

and where it was before - Dec-29-2001.

b4_shack1.jpg (42824 bytes) b4_shack2.jpg (43482 bytes) b4_backside1.jpg (55388 bytes) b4_backside2.jpg (45457 bytes)

This is where it was - Jan-29-2002

aftr_shack1.jpg (274572 bytes)

Here it is Feb-22-2004


And here it is January 25, 2011


And I did figure out a way to make things fit. In
May of 2011, I totally rebuilt. Now I've got room
to spread out.




And these are some of the antennas

Antenna1.jpg (40045 bytes)  Antenna2.jpg (55082 bytes)  Antenna4c.JPG (16753 bytes)

This was the station in Florida

flastation.jpg (59485 bytes)